The Authentic

Teruel Ham D.O. certificate

Teruel Ham (D.O. Cerificate) was the first ham in Spain to be credited with a Denomination of Origin, in 1984. It is made from carefully selected breeds: the Duroc boar and Large White or Landrace sows. The rearing and feeding of each pig is carefully overseen by the Denomination of Origin Regulatory Board - in charge of supervising all production from the farm through to the consumer. This official body ensures that each joint branded with an eight-pointed star and labelled with the corresponding numbered band fulfils the requirements for which it is known.

Teruel Ham is shiny to the eye and red when cut, with partially marbled fat. Delicate and lightly salted to taste, its fat is buttery in consistency, aromatic and pleasant tasting.

Our natural curing room in Monreal del Campo, at some 940 metres a.s.l., benefits from the exquisite climate of the province of Teruel. The characteristic dry cold in this area is an important reason why the ham acquires its particular taste and bouquet, enhanced by a natural, slow and lengthy curing process, lasting some 20 months or more. This is where we produce all of our Sierra Lindón Teruel Ham (D.O. Certificate).

Our work has been recognised with two National Quality Competition awards: in Calamocha (Teruel) in 1999 and 2002.

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