History and Crafts

Gómez Tradition

For over four decades, the Gómez family has dedicated itself to the production of ham. With the third generation of the family joining, this family company has managed to meld the experience of our predecessors with modern production processes.

Being far removed from the current hectic pace of the industry, we are proud our work proceeds slowly. This is how we continue to produce the highest quality ham, while respecting natural processes.

This philosophy ensures we can guarantee our customers purchase a ham with all the flavour and bouquet typical of a traditional product.

Our Brands

Under the common name Ham Star, our three brands are grouped:
· Sierra Palomera and Sierra Lindón, made in Teruel.
· Mariano Gómez, elaborated in Zaragoza.

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Our hams are unique as they are produced on an individual basis: choosing the best raw material, adding just a touch of salt and pampering them throughout the process.

Each joint is given enough time for it to be properly cured, unhurriedly, in strategically located natural curing rooms.

From the moment hams enter our establishment until they leave after ageing, they are monitored using traceability controls which ensure product food safety throughout.

Made with little salt, our ham is always juicy, with a mild taste and an intense bouquet which are enhanced by lengthy, slow curing. The traditional process and in-cellar ageing mean that the nutritional and organoleptic qualities are maintained - reminding one of the taste of the finest hams of yore.

Our natural curing rooms, in the provinces of Teruel (Monreal del Campo) and Zaragoza (Fuendetodos and Cuarte de Huerva), were specially chosen for their geographical and climatic conditions. The cold, dry air in these areas make them ideal places to cure ham slowly and over an extended period of time.

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